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PD研究員 アルアリ ムサディク(AL ALI, Musaddiq / アルアリ ムサディク )


年度 題目 著者 発表日
2021 Shape optimization of periodic-microstructures for stiffness maximization of a macrostructure Minami Fujioka、 Masatoshi Shimoda、 AL ALI, Musaddiq 2021年07月


学位 PD 研究員  
生年月日 年齢
所属研究室 固体力学
研究分野 トポロジー最適化、複合材料、金属疲労、レーザー加工
最終学歴 Ph.D.
職歴 無線評価のエンジニア/(株)コムテック広島 (2018年12月17日~2020年11月27日)
Field Service Engineer (2009年08月01日~2012年04月01日)
主な研究論文 - Al Ali M., Shimoda M. (2022) Investigation of concurrent multiscale topology optimization for designing lightweight macrostructure with high thermal conductivity. Int J Therm Sci 179:107653.

-Fujioka, M., Shimoda, M., & Al ALI M. (2021) Concurrent Shape Optimization for Multiscale Structure with Desired Static Deformation. Proc Comput Mech Conf 2021.34:3.

-Fujioka, M., Shimoda, M., & Al Ali, M. (2021). Shape optimization of periodic-microstructures for stiffness maximization of a macrostructure. Composite Structures, 113873.(

-Muazez Al-Ali Musaddiq Al-Ali, Amjad Y. Sahib,"Design light weight emergency cot with enhanced spinal immobilization capablility"6th Asian/Australian Rotorcraft Forum/Heli Japan 2017.
社会活動(研究に関する学会活動以外) -Volunteered to develop an AI-based lemon classifier for citrus fruit post-harvesting process. The goal is to aid the inexpert volunteer to harvest citrus fruit efficiently in order to aid the local agriculture community in Hiroshima prefecture.

-Volunteered to harvest citrus fruits as an aid for the local agriculture community of Hiroshima prefecture.

-Volunteered for the abstract writing program in order to aid hearing loss suffered people in Higashihiroshima city. 
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