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PD研究員 パム バン タック(Pham Van Thach / パム バン タック)



学位 Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering  
生年月日 年齢
所属研究室 情報記録工学
研究分野 Spintronics
職歴 豊田工業大学 ポストドクトラル研究員 (2017年02月01日~2020年01月31日)
主な研究論文 ・Do Bang, Pham Van Thach, Hiroyuki Awano, “Current-induced domain wall motion in antiferromagnetically coupled structures: Fundamentals and applications”,Journal of Science: Advanced Materials and Devices Vol. 3, pp. 389(2018.09.17)
・Syougo Iemoto, Satoshi Sumi, Pham Van Thach, Hiroyuki Awano and Masamitsu Hayashi, “Interference Induced Enhancement of Magneto-Optical Effect in Pt/TbCo Hetero-Structured Films”,Crystals Vol. 8, pp. 377(2018.09.24)
・Jiawei Yu, Do Bang, Rahul Mishra, Rajagopalan Ramaswamy, Jung Hyun Oh, Hyeon-Jong Park, Yunboo Jeong, Pham Van Thach, Dong-Kyu Lee, Gyungchoon Go, Seo-Won Lee, Yi Wang, Shuyuan Shi, Xuepeng Qiu, Hiroyuki Awano, Kyung-Jin Lee and Hyunsoo Yang,“Long spin coherence length and bulk-like spin-orbit torque in ferrimagnetic multilayers”,Nature Materials Vol. 18, pp. 29(218.12.03)
学会活動 1. Pham Van Thach, Do Bang, Hiroyuki Awano
Enhancement of current induced-domain wall motion in Tb/Co multilayers sandwiched between heavy metal with opposite spin hall angles
International symposium on advanced magnetic materials and applications (Phu Quoc, Vietnum) ,2017年12月11日
2. Pham Van Thach, Do Bang, Hiroyuki Awano
Fast current-induced domain wall motion in Tb/Co multilayered wires with symmetric structure
MORIS2018(Magnetics and Optics Research International Simposium (Queens College of CUNY) ,2018年1月9日
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